Why, Who & Purpose.

Obituary.org.ng was given birth to with a major goal in mind, which is to provide an avenue for all Nigeria to keep memories of their loved ones. I started the project after noticing too much of obituary posters being posted on walls all around, Some torn by rain, some by people, some just got old. 

 I plan to keep this project going as long I can, as the project grows and develop, it will be an avenue to support less privileged ones especially in the time of their loss of loved once and require some support.

All Nigerians can submit details of their loved ones and it will be uploaded to the platform for free. An email will be send to them containing a the link of their loved ones to share or keep.

Looking forward to working with organizations, funeral homes, and individuals.

An optional financial support for the project will also be available on our page.

Designed with Love.

Simeon Bala




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All emails gotten will be attended to within 24hrs and this will improve as this projects grows.

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